11 Features to Consider When Buying the Best Recliner for Big And Tall Guys

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Nothing is more relaxing after a hard day than sinking into your favorite couch. However, finding the best big and tall recliner can be frustrating when most seats available are designed for average-sized people.

If you are taller than average, an uncomfortable recliner could lead to problems such as cramps, back pain, leg stiffness, and neck issues.

Also, there is a wide range of recliners for big and tall guys and choosing the best recliner for your needs from the overwhelming options can be a daunting task.

That’s why we prepared this brief yet an exhaustive guide to simplify your shopping experience if you belong to the plus-size category.  So, what features do you need to look for if you want to buy the best plus size recliner?

1. Sturdy, Comfortable Construction

As a big, tall man, you place extraordinary stress on your recliner, so it needs to be sturdy, without sacrificing on comfort. This means the recliner should have:

A hardwood or steel base: A recliner base made with one of these materials or a combination of both will ensure that the seat can take your weight and will guarantee durability.

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle

2. Powered Lifting Mechanism

Most tall men say that the average recliner is set too low to be comfortable, and they end up squatting with their knees up at an uncomfortable angle. What’s more, such a low-slung position may make it difficult for you to stand up out of your seat.

According to the University of New Hampshire, a chair should let you place your soles flat on the floor, having your knees at approximately 90 degrees.

A powered lifting mechanism found in some of the best recliners for big and tall men moves the chair forward and raises its height, making it more comfortable and allowing you to stand comfortably.

3. Massaging Features

It is no secret that tall and big people are more prone to back problems, muscle strain, and neck pain, and recliners designed for larger people now commonly have a massage feature to provide relief.

Electrically powered, the massager can vibrate the back and, in specific models, the entire seat. The seat should allow you to adjust the intensity of the vibration.

However, when buying a massage chair, make sure that it is not so loud as to negate any relaxation effect you get.

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle

4. Lengthy Leg Rest

You will often find that the critical problem when trying to use a regular-sized recliner is the size of the leg rest. If the leg rest is shorter than your calf-length, chances are you will be uncomfortable in your seat.

Similarly, you should measure the depth of the inner seat to ensure it compares to your hip-to-knee length so that your entire thigh rests on the seat. The deeper the recliner is, the more comfortable it will be.

5. Wall Hugging

If you own a recliner meant for a tall or big man, using it at full stretch can be inconvenient and impractical, particularly if you have a small living space. However, thanks to some intelligent engineering, you can now buy a seat that can recline without pushing its back to the wall.

Instead, it has a reclining mechanism that glides slightly forward. This type of recliner can be placed right up against a wall and still allow you to lean back into your most comfortable sitting position, saving you a lot of space.

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6. Neck Rests

All recliner enthusiast long for neck support when using the chair. Yet, it may not be the same for tall people. If you find yourself in such a situation, improvise a neck pillow. Or, you can select recliner with great neck support at the store.

7. What Is The Purpose of The Recliner?

The function of the recliner you buy dictates its features. If you want one for napping, a very long, wide, and tall recliner suits you best, a recliner for watching television or rests ought to be low seated with an ottoman.

8. Rocker Recliners Aren’t The Best Recliner for Plus Size Guys

The rocking motion doesn’t work well with tall men. Having in mind that tall men have weaker knees, the back and forth movement may cause more harm than good. This can lead to further knee complications.

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9. Cover Material

The material covering the recliner should be of high quality. It should allow breathability, and it should also be washable.

Since the recliner’s primary purpose is to relax your body, make sure the material is soft and soothing to the skin. Leather is an excellent material as it is durable and easy to maintain and clean.

10. Cost Of The Best Recliner For Big And Tall Guys

A recliner seat is not made like an ordinary sofa; their style and design are technologically enhanced. Therefore, do not expect them to cost the same as ordinary sofas; be prepared to spend more on a recliner.

Look for a recliner that has the preferred features and that which fits your budget.

11. USB Ports

Some modern recliners have in-built USB ports, which you can use for phone charging.

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle

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What’s The Bottomline?

Since the market has a variety of recliners, having the right information is vital. The knowledge will guide you when making a purchase. It is essential to spend your hard-earned cash on your dream recliner instead of being misled by salesperson meeting targets.

Be equipped with the right features for the best recliner for big and tall guys for maximum satisfaction.