Best Balance Ball for Heavy People

Like many people, you have wanted to up your game when it comes to exercise. One great way to do that is to work on your core muscles. Luckily, balance balls specifically target the core area and can work for anyone, regardless of their current fitness level. However, it can be a little nerve-wracking trying to find a balance ball that will support your weight.

This article compiled a list of our five best balance balls for heavy people. The RGGD&RGGL Balance Ball With Stability Ring is our top pick for the best overall balance ball in terms of extra features and can hold up to 2,200 pounds of weight.

These brands understand that people come in all shapes and sizes. They have created products that can hold higher capacities and still function without popping. Balance balls that don’t list an upper weight limit can cause severe anxiety, so we have found ones made for people who weigh more than average.

With these suggestions, it is easy to find the right balance ball for your unique needs. Whether you want to work on your balance, your range of movement, or start toning your tummy, a balance ball is the best option in the exercise equipment market,

Best Balance Ball For Heavy People

RGGD&RGGL Balance Ball With Stability Ring

The RGGD&RGGL Balance Ball With Stability Ring is our top choice for Best Balance Ball For Heavy People because it features:

  • Support for up to 2,200lbs
  • It comes with a detachable stabilizer ring
  • Three resistance bands for your fitness level
  • Ultra-thick PVC material

Best Balance Balls For Heavy People

#1 RGGD&RGGL Balance Ball With Stability Ring

RGGD&RGGL Balance Ball With Stability Ring

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This balance ball comes with all the bells and whistles you could want. The stabilizer ring, in particular, can be a real boon for people who have never exercised on a balance ball before or who have not done so in years. It basically works as a brake for the ball and keeps it from rolling out from under your bum while you’re in the middle of working out.

Features and Benefits

  • Detachable stabilizer ring
  • Includes three resistance bands
  • 2mm thick PVC
  • Fast action foot pump for inflating and deflating

Why Should You Buy It?

This isn’t just a ball; it’s an entire workout kit. The resistance bands that come with the ball and stabilizer ring enhance your workout sessions and allow you to choose the amount of resistance based on your fitness level. You can slowly work up to increasing your resistance as you practice, but it is nice to have options to start with.

RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair,...
  • 【Built to Last with 1.5 times Thickness】 RGGD&RGGL yoga ball chair is made from a heavy weight vinyl, which is approximately 1.5 times thicker than common brand. Thanks to thicken design, our exercise ball chair provides more stability and rigidity for the most technical moves. The burst resistant feature ensures safety and performance, as the ball will deflate slowly even if punctured, protecting the user from injury. Our Swiss balls can withstand 2100 pounds of pressure.
  • 【Perfect for any fitness level】With two adjustable resistance bands, our stability and balance balls chair enhance poses like back bends, hip openers, and restorative poses for any fitness level. Our Yoga balls are a key part in helping to develop core strength. Our exercise ball fits perfectly for beginners, intermediate users, as well as advanced athletes
  • 【Multiple Uses】 You can incorporate the sitting ball in a variety of uses. Great as an alternative to a chair while working at your desk or watching television, as the relative instability of the balance ball forces your abdominal muscles to work harder. Besides, RGGD&RGGL Birthing balls can be used at any point during pregnancy by alleviating discomfort in your spine, hips and lower back.
  • 【Slip resistant& Easy to clean】Our premium PVC material provides an excellent slip resistance for your fitness routine. The innovative design helps it stay stable and maintains its posture while you change positions. Just normal soap and water or just water with the cleaning cloth (included). Made life much easier!
  • 【Package Included】1*Office ball chair, 1*Stability ring, 1*Set of accessories, 2*Resistance bands with carabiner, 1*Quick inflation foot pump, 1*Set of plugs&stopper, 1*Workout guide&1*User manual. Our Fitness Ball ships deflated and come with a foot pump for easy inflation! Our Fitness Ball ship deflated and comes with a foot pump for easy inflation! Our office ball chair comes with an easy-to-follow workout guide and a manual to help you properly use the ball and achieve your goal.

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#2 DynaPro Exercise Ball

DynaPro Exercise Ball

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This balance ball can accommodate up to 2,000 pounds of weight, so there is no need to worry about popping it. Its versatile nature lends itself well to everything from strength training to functioning as a desk chair if you want to work on your balance while attending the endless Zoom calls every day.

Features and Benefits

  • Hand pump included
  • Plastic wedge to deflate
  • Available in 4 sizes: 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm
  • Ribbed texture non-skid surface
  • Anti-burst technology

Why Should You Buy It?

However you choose to use a balance ball, the DynaPro Exercise Ball can work for you. The first time you blow it up, you’ll need to give it a full day of inflation to let the PVC stretch and reach its maximum capacity. Unlike some other options, the DynaPro is meant to be inflated once, but it can be deflated and reinflated if you need to, which is nice.

DYNAPRO Exercise Ball - 2,000...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Get a quick start on optimizing your health. Every box we ship contains an Exercise Ball that inflates using the hand pump that goes with it. Within minutes, you can use it as a stability ball in any kind of fitness training such as yoga or Pilates, or as a desk chair to correct your posture and support your back when you work.
  • MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED MATERIAL: Our stability balls have a superior anti-burst material with a thickness of 2275 micrometers which delivers a greater degree of resistance to sharp objects on the floor or on your clothing that may come in contact with the ball.
  • HEAVY DUTY ANTI-BURST RATING CAN MATCH ANY HEAVYWEIGHT: Our Exercise Ball is manufactured using gym quality standards. When used properly, it can carry the stress of heavy loads up to 2200 lbs without popping to prevent you from being injured. Excess loads above this weight will cause the ball to deflate slowly to ensure your safety.
  • NON-SLIP RIBBED BODY STAYS PUT WITH SKIN CONTACT: The PVC body has a matte surface with horizontal ribs contoured all around it -- making it easy to hold without slipping while tossing, bouncing or squeezing the ball even with profuse sweat.
  • FOUR SIZE OPTIONS FOR YOUR COMFORT AND SAFETY: 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm Not sure which is the right size for you? Our size guide helps you determine which size Exercise Ball best matches your intended use based on your body height if used for exercise, and the desk height if used as a chair.

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#3 URBNFit Exercise Ball

URBNFit Exercise Ball

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Initially, this brand was just making balance balls for gyms and other public fitness areas. The benefit to you, the customer, is that the company knows how to make exercise balls that work for just about anybody, and the URBNFit Exercise Ball is trusted, professional-grade equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports up to 2,000 pounds of weight
  • Anti-burst technology
  • Inflation pump
  • It comes with a handy workout guide

Why Should You Buy It?

For people who have never used a balance ball before, it’s nice to get one that includes a guide to exercises involving the ball at various fitness levels. Plus, the roughly textured surface ensures that your skin won’t slide off when you start getting into the workout and sweating.

URBNFit Exercise Ball (65 Cm)...
  • ANTI-BURST - Built with sturdy PVC material, this anti-burst pilates ball can handle the most rigorous workouts up to 600 lbs of weight. You'll never need to worry about the balance ball bursting or losing its shape.
  • ANTI-SLIP - The surface of this pregnancy ball is coated in a non-slip glaze that will ensure you have a proper and safe grip. Use it to get fit, relieve back pain, or to soothe aches during pregnancy as a birthing ball.
  • TOTAL FITNESS - Excellent stability ball for yoga, pilates, or physical therapy. It can even help improve posture and core strength when used as an exercise ball chair, making it great for the office or working from home.
  • FAST SETUP - These exercise balls for working out have a quick, dual-action ball pump to easily inflate by hand. Your workout ball is delivered deflated and can be pumped up in minutes with minimal effort.
  • VERSATILE USE - Whether you're using this yoga ball chair for exercise or to bounce your newborn baby to sleep, our customer support team is on-hand to assist you with any questions or concerns.

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#4 Trideer Exercise Ball

Trideer Exercise Ball

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Also clocking in at an upper weight limit of 2,200 pounds, the Trideer Exercise Ball is another excellent option for heavy people to consider. The textured surface helps you stay in place on top of the ball without losing grip due to sweating. That thick skin also makes it remarkably difficult to pop or damage this ball in any meaningful way.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports up to 2,200 pounds of weight
  • Thick PVC material
  • Textured surface
  • It comes with an easy to operate foot pump
  • Anti-burst technology

Why Should You Buy It?

The easily operable foot pump means that you can get this ball rolling the same day you purchase it. The high weight capacity and thick PVC material are perfect for people worried that they will burst the ball. This ball also comes with anti-burst technology so you can feel safe during your new workout routine.

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#5 Forbidden Road Exercise Yoga Ball

Forbidden Road Exercise Yoga Ball

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When a 75cm ball just isn’t enough, it’s time to turn to the professionals. Luckily, the Forbidden Road Exercise Yoga Ball comes in a fifth size, the coveted 85cm. Perfect for people who are over 6’6, this massive fifth size will not disappoint. For those particularly tall people out there, this could work better as a work chair because of the increased size so that you won’t be slouching your way through the workday.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Available in 5 sizes: 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm
  • Hand pump included
  • Air valve remover tool
  • 1-year warranty

Why Should You Buy It?

A one-year warranty is pretty impressive for a balance ball. If anything goes wrong, the manufacturers are at your service to replace the ball. Like others on this list, this ball also features anti-burst technology and a non-slip surface for ease of use and with your safety in mind. You can feel free to use the ball and get lost in your workout playlist.

Forbidden Road Exercise Yoga...
  • Anti-burst & Slip-resistant : The exercise ball is made of thick and durable PVC material. Plus, anti-burst design is used in superior PVC material. Besides, balance ball is adopted high quality material, which provides an slip-resistance while using the exercise ball. The texture of the balance ball feels fairly comfortable.
  • Durable & Strong : As adopted durable and high-quality material in balance ball, it can support 200 lbs which provides you with the most rigorous workout / fitness condition. High durability enables you to sit on the exercise ball chair in the office / home everyday, which helps you improve the sitting posture.
  • Fit For Different Exercises : Balance ball fits for different exercises, such as yoga, pilates, stretching and crossfit. Also, it can help you tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms, hips, thighs and other muscle groups through using the exercise ball. Meanwhile, your muscle can be greatly relaxed.Thus, stability ball is perfect for different kinds of exercises.
  • Size Variety & 5 Colors : The size of balance ball includes 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm and 85cm exercise ball in diameter. Colors are available in exercise ball, including BLACK, BLUE, SILVER, PINK, PURPLE.
  • Package : The package includes ONE exercise ball, ONE inflation air pump and ONE air valve remover tool.

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Balance Ball For Heavy People

Anti-Burst Technology

Not only would it be a blow to your self-confidence to sit down on a balance ball, only for it to burst at the sudden application of weight, but it can also be quite dangerous. The impact of the pop and landing hard on the floor make a nasty combination that no one should have to experience.

Higher-end balance balls are explicitly made not to burst and instead leak air when there is damage. You have plenty of time to get off of the ball and possibly repair it, saving you some money and keeping you safe.

Ball Height

Balance balls are labeled in part by size, ranging between 45cm to 75cm. For most people of average height, a 65cm ball should work just fine. 75cm balls are recommended for people over six feet. 55cm and 45cm balls are for people who are under five feet.

Stability Ring

A stability ring is perfect for beginners and people who haven’t used a balance ball in some time. It holds the ball in place while you sit on it so that you can concentrate on building up your core muscles without worrying that the ball will start rolling out from under you immediately. Some balls include detachable stability rings, so you can work up to using the ball without a ring.

Best Balance Ball For Heavy People

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Balance Ball For Heavy People

Is there an upper weight limit for balance balls?

Functionally, no. While most balance balls often list their upper weight limit, some balls on the market can hold over 2,000 pounds. That’s more than a human could possibly weigh. Considering that, there is no hard limit at which point no balance balls couldn’t support you.

Is my height a factor in choosing a balance ball?

Yes, it is. Balance balls can be anywhere from 45cm to 75cm tall and are often listed in 10cm increments. 75cm is the preferred height for people over six feet tall. The 65cm ball works for most people between 5’5 and 6’0. Remember, if you’re not sure what size balance ball to buy, err on the side of caution and purchase a bigger ball. If the ball is a little too big, you can still get a great work out, but your returns will quickly diminish if it is too small.

How often should I re-inflate the ball?

As with everything that needs air, even the most sophisticated balance balls will lose air over time. We recommend checking your balance ball once a week for the firmness you have come to expect, as well as the necessary height. Your ball may not need the extra air every week, but it’s a good idea to get in the habit of checking so that your ball never gets too deflated.

How does the stability ring work?

A stability ring essentially holds the ball in place when attached to a balance ball and keeps it from rolling away. If you have never tried to sit on a spherical object or have a limited range of movement, this can be a real lifesaver. Balls love to roll, and balance balls are no exception. The first time you sit on a balance ball, you will likely need some time to adjust to holding yourself and the ball in one place. The stability ring helps during that adjustment period.

When you feel ready, if the stability ring is detachable, you can simply take it off and see if you can use your thighs and core alone to hold the ball in one place. If so, then keep it up because you’re on a roll!


When choosing the right balance ball for your exercising needs, you need to take both your height and weight into account. However, since there are plenty of balance balls on the market that can hold upwards of 1,000 pounds, there is absolutely no excuse not to get one and start improving your core muscles today!

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