Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Pocket In 2021

In this article, we have reviewed the best soccer backpacks with ball pockets. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot or you can scroll down for the detailed reviews.

adidas Unisex Stadium Team...
Editor’s Choice
Athletico National Soccer Bag...
Diadora Squadra II Soccer...
Hydroshield water-resistant base, extra durable 3d ripstop fabric, and space for your team branding
Fits 1 ball, cleats, clothes with 2 water bottle pockets
Front vented ball pocket, side vented shoe tunnel, and side accessory pocket.
Available Color
Black, Orange, Red, Pink, etc.
Black, Blue, Red, Magenta Pink
Black, Blue, Gold, Hot Pink, etc
adidas Unisex Stadium Team...
Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Pocket
Hydroshield water-resistant base, extra durable 3d ripstop fabric, and space for your team branding
Available Color
Black, Orange, Red, Pink, etc.
Editor’s Choice
Athletico National Soccer Bag...
Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Pocket
Fits 1 ball, cleats, clothes with 2 water bottle pockets
Available Color
Black, Blue, Red, Magenta Pink
Diadora Squadra II Soccer...
Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Pocket
Front vented ball pocket, side vented shoe tunnel, and side accessory pocket.
Available Color
Black, Blue, Gold, Hot Pink, etc

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Ball games are getting more familiar each day. You don’t have to always carry your ball or even your kits with your hands. For football, soccer backpacks with ball pocket will be of great help to you as you can effortlessly and conveniently carry everything you need when going to the field.

A soccer bag with a ball compartment is designed to keep all your gaming accessories in place.

Your ball will not mix with other things so you can be sure your kits will not get dirty. It is also essential because your ball will be safe, so it will not get lost.

Soccer enthusiasts will not only look good with the best soccer bags but also feel more comfortable.

This will make football more exciting because they can carry along everything they need with more ease.

Let me take you through some of the best soccer bags with ball holder because if you love football, trust me, and you need one or more.

1.  Adidas Stadium Team Backpack.

Adidas Stadium Team Backpack is a fantastic Adidas soccer bag. It has padded shoulders to enhance your comfort as you carry your soccer accessories.

Adidas Stadium Team Backpack

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 The several compartments available in this backpack soccer bag ensure that no belongings mix unnecessarily after packing.

The best thing about this Adidas soccer backpack is that it is made of pure polyester, so durability is a sure bet.

The different ball pockets allow you to put different ball sizes without struggling to fit in; hence, you will have an easier time packing your balls.

Its bottom is waterproof; therefore; you can carry it along with you on a chilly day.

What We Liked:

  • It is very comfortable because its size can fit people with big shoulders.
  • It is large enough to ensure that all your belongings are safely packed at once.
  • The pockets are well ventilated to enable aeration to curb bad smell.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is quite expensive.
adidas Unisex Stadium Team...
  • Lifetime warranty - built to last
  • Front pocket is built with FreshPAK ventilation for your cleats and sneakers
  • Hydroshield water-resistant base, extra durable 3d ripstop fabric, and space for your team branding
  • Interior zipped pocket for the small stuff and zippered bottom ball pocket that can hold a size 5 soccer ball
  • Ultraride extra padded shoulder straps and backpanel to keep you comfortable

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2. Athletico National Soccer Bag

If you need the best soccer backpack that can be multifunctional, Athletico National Soccer Bag should be your choice of bag.

Travelling is also more relaxed when you have this bag.

Athletico National Soccer Bag

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This bag is large enough to carry your books, ball as well as your games kits. The ball will properly fit in its specified holder, ensuring that it does not interfere with other stuff.

This youth soccer backpack has been manufactured using nylon which is ideal for durability. You can use it for a long time, and its beauty just never fades away.

A great thing about this bag is that both boys and girls can use it. Although the colours look better on girls, it is also a cute boys soccer bag.

What We Liked:

  • It is very durable as the stitching is professional.
  • This girls soccer backpack is gorgeous.
  • The zippered pockets are appropriately situated so you can reach your stuff with ease.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The pockets do not fit a big ball.
Athletico National Soccer Bag...
  • LARGE VENTED BALL COMPARTMENT - The front ball compartment is perfect for carrying a soccer ball, volleyball, basketball, or football
  • SEPARATE CLEAT COMPARTMENT - The bottom compartment is vented to carry your cleats or shoes and keep the stink out. When not in use, it is also large enough to carry a second soccer ball.
  • NOT JUST FOR SPORTS - The middle compartment features a 7 pocket accessories organizer, while the back compartment features a padded laptop sleeve. From school to the playing field, this backpack can carry it all.
  • RUGGED, COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC - Beyond its storage capacity, this soccer ball backpack is designed with padded, adjustable straps for a comfortable, ergonomic fit. Made with durable polyester and nylon fabric, this soccer bag is lightweight, yet rugged enough to withstand rain, mud, and dirt, allowing players to haul their gear in all weather conditions and outdoor environments.
  • BACKED BY THE ATHLETICO 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If your are not satisfied with your new Athletico Bag for any reason, simply return it for a full refund, no questions asked!

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3. Diadora Squadra II Soccer Backpack

Every footballer is always looking for something that will make him or her stand out.

The Diadora Squadra Backpack is a backpack soccer bag that is designed to outdo the rest. Don’t you think it’s a stylish bag to tag along for your football practice?

Diadora Squadra II Soccer Backpack

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This soccer bag with ball compartment comes in many colours so both genders can use it.

The ball holder is large enough to accommodate balls of all sizes, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it with your hands.

It also features 420 denier nylon blended with PVC to make it strong; hence, it will serve you for long.

What We Liked:

  • The ball pocket fits a size five ball.
  • The top zippered pocket is ideal for some light stuff such as snacks.
  • It is very comfortable due to the extra-padded shoulders.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It lacks a holder for the water bottle, which is very crucial.

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4.  Soccerware Soccer Bag Backpack

Soccerware Soccer Bag Backpack is one of the best soccer backpacks with ball pocket that are readily available in the market today.

It comes in different sizes; hence, it can be used by either adults or children.

All your items will fit without mixing up since it is well organized. This will save you time sorting out the ball accessories from other things.


No products found.

No products found.

 The cotton-padded shoulder straps ensure that your shoulders do not hurt, especially when the backpack soccer bag is heavy.

They are also adjustable to accommodate your size. Go beyond the comfort zone in style with this youth soccer backpack.

What We Liked:

  • It is durable, and the ball compartment is waterproof to keep the ball dry.
  • It is light hence, easy to carry around.
  • The pockets are ventilated to ensure freshness of the socks and kits.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is not ideal for small kids due to the large size.

No products found.

5. ERANT Soccer Bag with Ball Holder, Basketball Backpack

Erant Soccer Backpack is a fantastic soccer backpack that will take care of your entire field as well as school needs.

It is made of polyester that is backed up with jacquard, thus offering ultimate durability.

The front pockets are meshed and can accommodate a size five ball. This keeps the ball in place; thus, it does not disorganize other things.

ERANT Soccer Bag with Ball Holder, Basketball Backpack

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 The additional mat that comes along with it offers a place for the user to sit on. One can also place the other accessories on the mat at any time.

The straps are padded to optimize comfort; hence, shoulder aches become history to you. Try it out, and you will have the best soccer backpack.

What We Liked:

  • It has a unique design that makes it beautiful.
  • It is comfortable.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is a little smaller than other best soccer bags.
ERANT Athletic Soccer Backpack...
  • ✅ALL-IN-ONE GEAR BAG: Our soccer backpack is thoughtfully designed with a spacious ball compartment (fits up to size 5), a ventilated sneaker compartment (fits up to size 12), and a water-resistant compartment to store your phone and wallet. Dimensions: ‎16.5" x 8.5" x 14"
  • ✅DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: This backpack was designed by athletes to make them comfortable. It has cushioned and adjustable shoulder straps along with an adjustable sternum strap.
  • ✅MULTIPURPOSE: Our duffle bag is not just for soccer. These soccer bags can also be used for other sports like volleyball and basketball!
  • ✅VERSATILE FOR TRAVELING: Easily transport all your gear to practices and tournaments. Stay organized and travel with ease using this ergonomic soccer backpack.
  • ✅OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: ERANT stands by its quality. Enjoy a 30 day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee with no questions asked.

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6.   Sports Athletic Backpack w/ Pocket for Team Soccer Ball.

There are very many soccer backpacks with ball pocket saturating the market recently.

However, Sports Athletic Backpack w/ Pocket for Team Soccer Ball beats them all. It is made of 600-denier polyester topped up with Rip-Stop nylon for durability.

Sports Athletic Backpack w/ Pocket for Team Soccer Ball

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This soccer backpack is large, so you can pack all you need for school as well as the field without carrying an extra bag. Too much luggage is never good.

The two side pockets are expandable for enough space to put your water bottles or shoes. There is also a handle at the top, which makes it easy to carry.

What We Liked:

  • It has a holder to keep your phone as well as a headphone exit port so you can listen to some music.
  • The external pockets are ideal for large items, while the inner pockets are great for small stuff.
  • It is very affordable.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is smaller than most soccer backpacks with ball pocket.
Fashion Helpers Red and Black...
  • Ball backpack measures 18"Hx13"Wx7.5"D, Perfect as a Volleyball bag, made of 600 denier polyester/rip-stop nylon
  • Works well as a ball carry basketball bag, it has a large front mesh pocket; ideal as a backpack for basketball players who are serious about their gear
  • Soccer backpack with ball compartment also features side mesh pockets-just the right size for shine guards
  • Soccer backpack comes with a head phone exit port & cell phone holder on shoulder strap
  • Basketball bag with ball compartment features comfortable straps, durable clips, and easy flow zippers

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How can you Wash Your Soccer Backpack?

You can wash your soccer backpack by use of hands or washing machine. It’s very important to be prepared in advance on whatever way you use.

To begin with, let’s go through the hand washing.

  • Begin by removing all the items in the bag. Then remove any laces and any other detachable compartments from your backpack.
  • Go through the label on your backpack since it may contain information about its safe washing. You may also get to know what chemicals are not good for the backpack.
  • Look for any stain on your backpack. Use a stain remover for a descent wash or soak in a detergent solution if you have no stain remover.
  • Submerge your backpack in the detergent solution at least for half an hour.
  • Scrub the surface of the bag using a soft brush.
  • Thoroughly rinse your soccer bag using lukewarm water.
  • Soak excess water in your washed bag using a towel.
  • Naturally dry your bag in the open rather than using a drying machine.

The same procedure can be used during machine washing of your backpack. There is only one difference i.e. set the timer on your washing machine for automatic washing rather than you scrubbing the bag.

How Can You Keep Your Soccer Backpack Free From Smell?

Continuous use of your soccer backpack may make it smelly. This is a common issue with soccer bags since you may keep in the bag things such as muddy shin guards, dirty socks and foul soccer ball among others.

When you remove such items from the bag, it may be smelly. However, take care of your bag through these ways:

  • Essential Oils : you may add some drops of your best essential oil in the spritzer bottle. Spray the bag using it but don’t instantly close it. Then allow it dry naturally.
  • Disinfecting Wipes : you can also rub your bag using a disinfecting wipe. This helps by removing odor and the germs.
  • Dry Naturally : it’s better to leave your bag open and in fresh air at an open place. Do not also close the zips of your backpack immediately after removing items in it.
  • Tea Bags : another way of removing bad odor from your bag is keeping tea bags tea bags in them overnight.

Buying Guide For The Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Pocket

There are several things you need to put in place when you want to buy soccer backpacks with ball pocket.

You do not want disappointments after buying a backpack soccer bag that does not fit your ball. Read through them and make your choice wisely.

How do I Pick Out my Right Soccer Backpack?

Soccer backpacks are available in different shapes, styles, colors, sizes and shapes. Anyone in need can go for the one that suits his/her taste and needs best.

Consider the factors below in order to make the right choice.

  • Body Type

Soccer backpack should comfortably fit your body. This will save you from back strain and muscle fatigue. Luckily, most of the backpacks are adjustable in design. You will be required to only make some adjustments for it to be fitting.

  1. Hip/Waist belts€” they should fit around your waist perfectly when they are clipped together.
  2. Sternum straps€” they should not have any effect on your breathing when they get fastened.
  3. Shoulder straps€” tighten these straps but ensure that the bottom of your backpack is above your hip bones. The meeting point of the shoulder straps and the backpack should be beneath the big bone and at the neck’s base.
  • Durability

A youth soccer backpack should be durable because it can tear when pushing the ball inside or pulling it out. It should be able to accommodate the pressure to remain in shape for long.

  • Comfort

You need a soccer bag with ball compartment that offers optimal comfort. The straps should be adjustable and soft.

  • Space

The best soccer bags need to have enough space so that you can carry everything you require in the field.

This includes your game gear, water bottle and even some space for your books. It should also fit the biggest ball, which is size 5.

  • Easy Access Pockets

As you consider the backpack’s features, observe the internal pockets. These are ideal when it comes to the holding of your keys, wallet, smartphones, iPod or headphones.

Also remember to carry a small kit for first aid with you. You may also turn this area to an exit port for your headphones. This will help you listen to your best refreshment as you warm up.

  • Style

Soccer backpacks with ball holder are available in different styles as well as colour. You can get a girls soccer backpack and boys soccer bag, so it is you to decide what you want.

  • Breathable Materials

These materials includes cotton or mesh. Most people will prefer soccer backpacks whose make is from breathable materials. Mesh backpack panel allows free air circulation. This ensures that you don’t feel sticky and warm as you wear your backpack.

It’s also advisable to go for soccer backpack whose pockets are breathable where you can keep your clothes after you are done with exercising.

  • What You Like

There are many soccer backpacks with ball holder. Consider your personal likes since you are the one who is going to use it. You have to fulfill your desires because after all, it is what you love.

  • Your size

The best soccer bags should be big enough to accommodate your body size. This will maximize your comfort, so you do not have to worry about back pains.

No one wants to nurse soccer injuries and at the same time back soccer backpacks with ball pocket for using the wrong Adidas soccer bag.

  • How Frequently You Will Use The Bag

You might be thinking of going to practice daily. This calls for a youth soccer backpack that is strong enough to withstand this.

On the other hand, if your purpose is using the bag occasionally, go for one whose quality is average. This is even more affordable. Also ensure that the price is good for its quality.

  • Material Used

Materials used in making a backpack greatly influence their weight, durability, abrasion and water resistance among other properties. Sports backpacks made from nylon and polyester materials are among the most durable bags.

Most soccer bags are made from materials which are waterproof. Others are made from fabric materials. However, your best choice should be a waterproof backpack since you have got high probability of encountering rain at times.

The material that has made your backpack should be easy to clean. This is because the bag will frequently get dirty when you regularly use it.

Again, make a choice of the bag that contains some form of breathable fabrics. These will help in eliminating sweaty odors.

  • Solid Shoulder Straps

Looking for a soccer backpack whose shoulder straps are solid is useful. This is due to the fact that your bag may turn out very heavy especially at times when you carry more than a pair of cleats and a full water bottle.

Therefore, go for a backpack featuring padded, thick and wide shoulder straps. This will ensure evenly distribution of weight across your shoulders. Your shoulders will then not hurt even if you put on the backpack the whole day.

  • Drink Holder

This is an important feature for soccer backpacks. Obviously, you should stay hydrated over lots of exercises. Some soccer backpacks have a single water bottle holder. You can also buy one that has two water bottle holders.

This means that you may carry two drinks e.g. a protein drink in one pocket and water in the other one.

  • Cost

It’s obvious that the cost of any item is among the most important aspect you consider before purchase. Soccer rucksacks varies greatly in their prices. It’s therefore necessary to observe the cost and ensure that you are contented with whatever amount you will pay.

For soccer rucksack, evaluate its cost and value. If the model is more expensive but also accompanied with variety of accessories and warranty, it could be a better deal for you.

  • Extras

Some producers will make backpacks and sport bags with extra features for customer attraction. For example, some models have extras e.g. headphone exits, pen holders and cool items e.g. foldout mats.

  • Cleat Compartment

Great soccer backpack have shoe section for cleats storage. For an adult whose feet are large, the backpack should be fairly large. However, a backpack with a smaller pocket works well.

This pocket may either be external or internal. An internal pocket should be made from fabric that is airtight. This will prevent smell from seeping into the whole bag.

  • Smart Design

Good soccer backpack comes with a smart design. This makes its use very easy. Ideally, it’s too easy for you to remain organized since there are multiple storage compartments in the bag.

Most of the soccer backpacks that are of high quality have large pockets. These pockets holds your ball. There are also smaller pockets which holds your cleats and water bottle. A large internal pockets holds spare clothes, computers, school books and others.

  • Warranty

It’s totally not understandable of the reasons that can make one buy something without a warranty in the current days! Warranties are an important aspect due to the increased internet sellers whose identities are unknown to you and you aren’t even aware if they are trustworthy or not.

It will cost you great faith buying an item online from a stranger. This is why warranties are a must have when buying anything.

Best Soccer Backpacks’ Brands

Here are the top four soccer backpacks brands that you may need to check out.


This is an American company. Its headquarters are in the area of Portland metropolitan. They have become the leading sellers of athletic accessories, apparel, equipment and footwear.

As a matter of fact, the current world’s largest supplier of the athletic shoes and apparel is Nike. However, they are number two soccer brand after the Adidas.

The soccer bags of Nike have various styles. Their features and pockets are innovative for the sake of you being organized. They easily accommodates your cleats, balls, uniform etc.

Under Armour

This is an American company. Its headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland. They have turned out leading in the athletic apparel and footwear industry. Their offices are distributed across the world including Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Mexico City and London.

Even though they are not as other brands which are recognized for their soccer products, be sure that their every product is well built and of high quality. I’m high in expectations that as years goes by, we shall see more products in the field of the Under Armour brand.


This brand is the only apparel company and the Italian athletic footwear. Their first most product was the mountain climbing boot which was launched in the year 1948. With time changes, their production evolved into tennis shoes and ski boots.

In the middle of the 1970s, they started working out into soccer realm with the help of Roberto Bettega. Currently, it’s the number three soccer backpack brand in the market. Even after the many years, they proudly carry out their manufacturing in Italy.


This is a German corporation. It has been in operation since the year 1949. They manufacture and design accessories, shoes and clothing. Currently, they are the largest manufacturers of sportswear in Europe and number two in the world. They are leading over Nike in the soccer market.

What they are known best for is the football kits and their other associated equipment. They continuously supply soccer needs to most clubs and teams across the world. They are also greatly involved and engaged with the world cup.

Do you require a quality backpack? Buying an Adidas soccer backpack that also has a ball holder will be your right option.


I hope the above information has opened up your mind on the best soccer backpacks with ball pocket.

If you find one that suits your needs, be sure to try it, and you will be all smiles as you walk or ride to the field to have an exciting moment.

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