Heavy Duty Air Mattress Buying Guide

Since we have already written about the best heavy duty air mattress reviews that are of high capacity, let us review the important aspects you should look for when buying air mattresses.

Similar to what you do to other items, you have to be knowledgeable for you to choose the best product as these air mattresses come with various features.

 Heavy Duty Air Mattress Buying Guide

People who require heavy duty air mattress

1. If you receive regular visitors

In reality, people who require heavy duty inflatable mattresses are about 90%.

In case you need a mattress which you can store inside your closet and remove it for use by your grandchildren when they come visiting probably one or two times a year, you can get just a regular mattress. However, it’s better if you go for a heavy duty and higher quality air mattress if you receive regular visitors.

2. If you’ll be using the mattress with another person

If you sleep on the mattress with another person, go for heavy duty air mattress. Personally, I don’t exceed the weight limit that various mattresses have.

However, when I add the weight of my wife and also that of our youngest daughter, we exceed weight limit too fast!

3. If you want the mattress to be more firm

Go for the high capacity air mattress in case you need the mattress to be firmer at night.

Despite your weight, mattresses made of materials and holds 600lbs loses less air overnight compared to mattresses whose rating is 400lbs.

4. If you’re a camping enthusiast

If your need for a mattress is camping, go for the heavy duty air mattress. High capacity inflatable mattresses are made of material that is thick hence reducing chances of puncture when the mattress is on the ground, when we have a dog jump on it or when it’s poked by use of a stick. Also keep the mattress away from fire.

5. If you are a plus size guy

If you are heavy, tall, big or even large, congratulations since manufacturers got you in their minds when they were designing the heftiest mattresses. You should therefore go for the heavy-duty air mattress!

What Are The features to consider?

Features are several that you ought to consider when buying air mattresses. In order to enhance your experience while sleeping, consider extra cushioning and waterproofness of the mattress. Also consider the air beds weight as you would not want a bulky bag whose travel is very difficult. A combination of these with durable sleeping bag is an assurance to proceed!

1. Height

Supposing that I was to now lay my back on the floor and you ask me to rise up as quickly as possible, how fast will I do it?

Heavy and big people can be better off by buying an air mattress with double height. It’s easy for them to get off and on the bed.

2. Pump either built in or not

It’s a matter of preference for you to go for a mattress whose pump is in built or not.

As one user of an air mattress camped during their outdoor endeavor, they noticed that their plug in inverter never produced power that is enough for running the pump of their air mattress. They had no manual pump and this night had to turn out miserable.

Though pumps are fully fast and convenient, under certain circumstances it would be better to acquire pumping for your mattress. You should also be sure of whatever you want to buy.

They safely played it by buying a mattress which does both.