How to Choose the Best Beach Chairs in 2021

For any trip to the beach, a beach chair is a must-have. It will keep you off the sand, relaxed, and sitting in a comfortable position. If you are going to buy a beach chair, the following buying guide is a must-read.

Types of Beach Chairs

• Backpack Beach Chairs

These types of beach chairs are constructed of materials that are extremely light. The material used does not last quickly.

• Canopy Beach Chairs

Canopy chairs are of different variety and are made in different styles. When you buy a canopy beach chair you get an umbrella which can be removed making transportation easier.

• Beach Chairs for Kids

These are chairs that are designed and made for the young ones. They are made to enhance the comfort of your child so they can enjoy their time at the beach.

• Wood Beach Chairs

These are beach chairs that are made up of wood. They are adjustable and easy to carry around. They have breathable fabrics to provide superior comfort while at the beach.

• Folding Beach Chairs

This type of beach chair is easy to carry around. They are light in weight and of a good height. They are not adjustable at any angle.

• Lounge Chairs

They are adjustable chairs thus allowing you to change to the desired angle. They are low to the ground and most of them aren’t padded.

• Sand Beach Chairs

They are similar to loungers but differ in curving design. They are simple and they are good for people with legs and back problems. They are adjustable, stylish and more stable.

Beach Chair

Different Beach Chair Frame Materials

How long your beach chair survives depends on several factors. . Frame material is one of the most important factors to consider.

• Aluminum

Aluminum beach chairs are firm yet relatively light. They are resistant to weather and rust. They require little maintenance. If you are a quality shopper, aluminum is the way to go.

• Steel

Steel frame beach chairs have good strength and elasticity. Although it is more vulnerable than aluminum, it is powder-coated, giving it a long life.

• Wood

Wood is durable, sturdy, and stylish. Most wooden beach chairs are made from solid ash or solid oak, with a marine-grade varnish or a protective oil finish. If you are looking for durability, go for teak. It is a legendary tree for its longevity and weather resistance. 

• Recycled Plastics 

Though it may sound cheap, beach chairs made from recycled plastic are highly ranked for its durability and resistance to saltwater, weather, bacterial growth, and many more.

 Features of the Best Beach Chair

Many people don’t use beach chairs when enjoying sun bask and sand. When you are using beach chairs here are some features you should consider before purchasing.

• Seat Height

It’s possible to find beach chairs of varying heights. Ensure you go for the one that suits your height and the one which is  comfortable to you. Low seats are good for people who may want to stretch. High chairs are easier to get in and off and are good for tall users. You can check out our post on heavy duty beach chairs here.


• Color

You can come across beach chairs in any imaginable color.

• Shade Availability

A source of shade is very essential as you choose a beach chair. Some of the beach chairs have their canopies or umbrellas which provide shade for your comfort. This makes a day at the beach more enjoyable.

• Cup Holders

It’s not found in many beach chairs but it’s very essential when you are at the beach. After staying for long hours at the beach’s scorching sun, many people would wish to cool the body with a refreshing drink. Go for that beach chair that has the cup holders.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Beach Chairs

• Portability

When choosing a beach chair, it is important to consider weight for easy transportation. For carrying conveniences, beach chairs should be foldable to reduce the size. 

• Comfort

They should provide outstanding comfort all time during relaxation at the beach. It would help if you choose the right sized and well-cushioned beach chair for superior comfort. 

• Construction materials

You should choose a chair made from high quality materials that are, durable, stable, and comfortable. It would be best if you considered stuff that is easily washable and quick-to-dry. Materials used should be porous, thus allowing free airflow through them.

 When using a metallic material, you should consider rust-resistance since you might be using the chair more frequently on the beach.

• Size and Weight Capacity

You should consider buying small-sized beach chairs since they are light and portable. If you are big and tall, consider going for big chairs that have a high weight capacity.