How to Choose the Best Fold up Bed

The most important point that you need to consider is to pick the best fold up bed that meets the specific needs of your family. Whatever option you choose, it should be comfortable and provide enough space for your family to move around comfortably.

Folding beds that are of high quality will give you a variety of advantages. Ensure that you check out the features below before you buy your folding bed. It’s cheaper and durable hence your decision for its purchase will be sensible in the long run.

Factors to consider when choosing the best fold up bed 

Easy To Handle

Fold up beds that are of high quality are assembled easily. They get ready for you to sleep on after a very small span of minutes. Its folding back is also very fast. This offers the convenience you require in the course of your busy life.

Bed size

The size of folding beds is normally small. A small fold up bed is more easier to store. Majority of their models are mostly twin sized. Heir measurement is approximately 38 by 75 inches.  Some can be shorter. You should therefore check your beds dimensions to ensure that it fits adults under all heights.

Folding beds are also available in queen sized though there aren’t a variety of option and finding to a storage place maybe troublesome. You can also choose a fold up double bed if you expect many guests but you don’t have enough space.


Sleepers shouldn’t have the expectations that their rollaway bedding may not be sturdy as their every night frames.

Typically, these rollaway cots are built from materials which are cheap. There is also less structure to the design of these cots. They are great solutions for use over few nights though they are not considered primary options unless when used by small children.

Sleepers should ensure that their cots are stable before making their first sleep on them. On cots that have spring hooks which are coupled with mesh support, ensure that every spring is attached to the frame in a secure manner.

Weight Capacity

You must be very attentive on the weight of the folding bed for it to have an easy set up and a possible put away. The bed should be light for you to handle by either carrying or lifting it. Choose your folding bed accordingly as they ranges between 25 and 68 pounds.

This however varies between models even though they don’t support pounds that exceed two to three hundred. Brands may be rated either more or less. It’s therefore very necessary get in touch with the producer before using the rollaway bed in case your weight consideration is heavier.

Rollaway beds weight varies greatly. Some are less than 20 pounds while others have or even exceed 75 pounds. Go for the lighter option if you have portability as a concern. Choose a fold up bed that is more substantial if you plan to store it close its usage ground.

Bed and Pillow

Who to Use: Adults versus Kids

Children sleep well on rollaway options. Adults of average size should do as well even though those who are heavier may want to regularly check the stability of the cot.

Type of Mattress

Folding beds have foam mattresses. This is because foam can easily be folded during the storage of the bed. Foam that is used has variations when it comes to quality. Options which are budget friendly use foam which is of high density. However, this is not the most supportive or durable option.

Folding beds of higher end feature memory foam in order to provide greater support and comfort. On the other hand, mid range options constitute a combination of memory foam and the high density.

It’s also advisable to concentrate on the mattress thickness when you go shopping. Normally, thicker mattresses offer more support and comfort.

Nowadays, mattresses are formed from every sort of material. Shoppers may sleep on latex, polyfoam, memory foam, hybrids or springs materials that are of varying assortment and layering any of these materials.

The options of rollaway are normally topped with types of polyfoam or the memory foam. Some latex options  are also found in the market. These mattresses normally constitute a single or two layers that give pressure relief to sleepers. This will normally be   formed by the poly foam under the memory foam. Many of the rollaway cots use a single foam layer to make their mattress.

Great support from these mattresses is got from the frame even if they have thin bases. The frame of a rollaway bed is the most important feature.

Rollaway beds are accompanied with an innerspring, air mattress or memory foam. The options of innerspring or memory foam tends to be more comfortable. An air mattress on the other hand is more convenient when it comes to storage.


Folding bed plays very important roles despite being of different sizes and affecting their storage profile when they are not in use. Each type of a folding bed has an effect on its storage and it also has a general impact on its portability beyond anything else.

Depending on specific types of folding beds, storage profile may require further measures so as to make sure that it works as desired. However, this is currently considered as the least common scenario even though in the previous few decades it was commoner.


This is a folding beds quality which can be more reasonable to its owner than to sleeping over guests.  The greatest draw concerning folding beds is that its storage after use is very easy. You can store it away in order to free up extra space in a home which is small or even prevent disaster from unsightly design.

The owner is also liable to wanting a bed which can be moved easily from its storage to use then back to storage. In this case, the only solution is rollaway bed. Hideaway beds may not be too difficult to carry as it pales when compared to convenience and ease of wheels set.

Storage ease

Finding an easy storage folding bed is a vital need for almost every consumer more so whose storage space is limited at their homes.

In case space is limited at your living place, you maybe willing to search for a fold down item to an extremely compacted size e.g. an iBed provide some beds which folds down to fully fit under a standard bed.

There is one challenge in that beds which fold down small normally have thinner mattresses. The comfort of these thinner mattresses tends to be less. When you go shopping, strike your best balance between comfort and storage size.

Frame type

Frames of many folding beds are metallic. This ensures that they are lightweight and small. The base of some frames where the mattresses rest are slat styled. The style of others is trampoline. According to our opinion, beds whose bases are of the trampoline style tend to be more durable, supportive and comfortable than the slat style beds.

Trial Period

Trial period’s length varies among competing brands. Some offers a 30 days period to customers while others give a period exceeding 120 days.

Customers may not have a trial of products online. This makes brands to extend trial periods at times.  Trial moments are important since they give customers a chance to try products. If the customer feels like returning the product, they may ship it back and they will normally get their refund in full.

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