How to Choose The Best Jeans

Jeans are a component of most men’s daily life. Jeans are a good attire when worn during casual occasions.

They are also worn by people working in few jobs e.g. construction. They suits practicality and comfort very well.

It’s very tricky to find jeans that men consider best. It is as tricky as finding the pajamas for men or even best products for beard care.

However, having the right breakdown and knowledge will enable you find your dream jeans easily. You can also check our buying guide on the best jeans for men with big thighs here.

How to Choose Best Jeans for Men

Over years, jeans have been available. Consumer options are very many. These many buying options complicates the process of finding your best fit.

You will also like to consider your preference on color and finish.

You will also need to do thorough research of the jeans of your interest.

Also consider style and comfort in order to make sure that you get your best jeans.

Hopefully, you will have an idea of what to choose with the following tips.

Mens Jeans Style

1. Your Body Shape

Jeans are designed to fit and accommodate every body shape. A fitting jean is better and satisfying than the best looking jeans in the market. Ensure that you know the measurements of your waist size, length and behind before you purchase a pair of jeans. This is an assurance that you will get a well-fitting pair.

If you’re buying from a physical store, fit the pair before you buy it. This trying will help you know your fitting size. Use the changing rooms that always have a mirror. The mirror will draw the feeling of wearing a pair of jeans even into your mind. It will also enable you know how the jeans are fitting from all angles.

Jeans have labels such as slim, straight or skinny. These are indications of what body types the jeans were designed for.

Jeans are classified into slim fit, skinny fit, regular fit, relaxed fit and loose fit as discussed above.

2. Look at the cut

The cut is always a consideration when buying the best jeans for guys who have big thighs. If a jean has the right cut, it will grant you an appearance of refinement and sophistication.

Jeans with straight cuts are the best, always. They cover the desired body parts. They are comfortable unlike those cut at the butt since they can expose your behind easily. .

3. Check out the jeans pockets plus other accessories

Always check pockets before purchase. Pockets are okay at the butt. A sexy pattern is better since it will gather positive comments and attraction as well. Check the make for either maximum or minimal branding depending on your preference.

Also consider other finer aspects e.g. zippers and stitching. Your jeans should also be composed of accessories e.g.  Branded rivets, buttons, care tags and leather patches. These are quality craftsmanship signs.

4. Check the stretch

The stretch should be your top list item if you require some growth space. Most jeans in the market currently have a slight stretch amount. This will offer you the elasticity you need. Ensure that the make of the jeans allow stretching. You will then enjoy relaxation and freedom movement the jeans offer.

5. If your body is athletic, Avoid baggy jeans

An athletic body is one with a slim waist and muscular legs and buttocks. You will then have to go for a pair that will accentuate your toned body. Low rise style, straight leg or the slim fit jeans will be your wear. Ensure that you avoid the baggy jeans.

However, you can choose the loose baggy fit on condition that your butt, thighs and legs are big since they will fill the space.

6. Opt the Dark Wash

My advice is choice of the darker jeans. They may be worn casually or even official. This is an excellent wardrobe upgrade since worries on what to wear for office or if going out are well taken care of. They are also fit for both night and day activities.

7. Color

Are you in the dilemma of what color to choose? Guys whose thighs are big require different colored jeans as it is with other items. This will boost satisfaction since they will choose what they feel is best. They will also be in a position of avoiding colors that do not suit official occasions.

8. Price

Jeans for men with big thighs comes in different prices. It’s equally right to go for the less expensive jeans pair more so if your budget is tight. Less expensive jeans have a disadvantage in that their lifespan is less. They will therefore need frequent replacement. Ensure that you have a budget guide based on your ability to purchase.

9. Consider a simpler look

Buy a classic and simple styled pair of jeans if you are unsure of your perfect style. Don’t choose that which has many details. Instead, a more subtle look is a better choice. Jeans that look more straightforward are versatile.