How to Choose the Best Soccer Backpack With Ball Pocket

There are important aspects to consider when you plan to look for a soccer bag that has a ball pocket. You may also have questions in mind in order to make the right decision.

We have taken the initiative to answer you every question you might have on how to choose the best soccer backpack with ball pocket.

Things to considers when buying Soccer Backpack

Frequency of Use

If your intention is using the backpack almost daily, choose one which is completely strong and made from materials which are highly durable.

On the other hand, if your purpose is using the bag occasionally, go for one whose quality is average. This is even more affordable. Also ensure that the price is good for its quality.

Preference at a Personal level

Every individual has what they prefer in terms of print, style, color and design. Therefore, it’s a personal decision on what backpack fits your taste best.

How to Choose the Best Soccer Backpack With Ball Pocket


Soccer backpacks should be made from materials which are strong and durable e.g. nylon and polyester. This implies that you can put both cleats and a ball in the same bag on a daily basis without having your bag being ripped by studs on the cleats.

It’s also useful to go for a waterproof or water resistance soccer backpack more so if you live in an area that is rainy or maybe if you leave your bag close to a pitch.


An important feature to consider when looking at soccer backpacks is size and storage availability in the bag.

Go for a bag with sufficient storage. Choose the market option with the greatest storage if you intend to carry water bottles, soccer boots and books from school.

If your purpose is holding a snack, keys and water, a regularly sized bag is your option.

Having a bag without much storage may turn out messy. You may find yourself not using it or maybe lose items that could not fit in your bag.

Storage Area

The area of storage for your bag is a crucial factor. A bag without enough space to meet your needs may not be very useful.  It’s always important to have some type of side mesh for storing your water bottle. Besides, buy a backpack that has extra pockets if you carry small items and snacks on a regular basis.

Cost – before you start to shop, decide on a budget i.e. what you wish to spend and not exceed on the bag. All budget slabs have available bags, so the decision is yours.

Best Soccer Backpacks features

Let’s have a look at the important features which will enable you make a choice of the best soccer backpacks.

Ball Pocket Or Holder

Rather than separately carrying your ball to the practice or game field, use the ball holder on your backpack to carry it. Beware that every backpack holds specific ball sizes and you will therefore want to carefully check it before purchase.

Additionally, most soccer backpacks features an area used for holding the soccer ball and it can as well accommodate balls for other games. This is really handy if you intend to proceed to the beach to play some volleyball or even have a plan for basketball game together with your buddies.

Smart Design

Good soccer backpack comes with a smart design. This makes its use very easy. Ideally, it’s too easy for you to remain organized since there are multiple storage compartments in the bag.

Most of the soccer backpacks that are of high quality have large pockets. These pockets holds your ball. There are also smaller pockets which holds your cleats and water bottle. A large internal pockets holds spare clothes, computers, school books and others.

Ball Holder

Good soccer backpacks have large pockets which fits all sized balls e.g. tennis, soccer and basket balls.  The pocket can be internal or external. External pockets could be made from mesh and stretchy materials.

Even though the two options are good, note that you will free more space inside your bag if it has the external pockets. If at all you like your soccer backpack double its space as your school or college backpack does, go for the soccer backpack whose ball holder pocket is external.

Shoe Compartment

Several bags contains a separate area where you can store your cleats or shoes. This eases toting of your cleats to practice and it’s a convenient place where you can store your shoes as you play.

The separate area ensures that the other parts are free from odor, debris and dirt.

Most of these compartments for shoes are vented in a manner that you will not have to afterwards contend with nasty odors.


Most people normally leave their soccer backpacks near their playing fields. You will hence prefer investing in a backpack which is made from materials which are either water-resistant or waterproof.

This implies that you won’t be worried of having any item inside your getting wet even when it starts raining as you play. This is very important especially if you resides in a rainy city. It’s also worth even if you reside in a sunny area.

Water Bottle Holder

You should always stay hydrated. Carry your water bottles always. Carry them from the pocket at your backpack’s side. This pocket is easy to reach. You will therefore remember always to drink your water as you proceed with your practice.


Some of the soccer backpacks are accompanied by a warranty. This is a clear sign that what you are buying is a backpack of high quality. Some have even a lifetime warranty! This is very useful if you have no intentions of replacing the bag in future.

It’s also good to take note that not every backpack has a warranty. Again, it’s not shocking to come across some of the high quality soccer backpacks with no warranty.

Easy Access Pockets

As you consider the backpack’s features, observe the internal pockets. These are ideal when it comes to the holding of your keys, wallet, smartphones, iPod or headphones.

Also remember to carry a small kit for first aid with you. You may also turn this area to an exit port for your headphones. This will help you listen to your best refreshment as you warm up.

Breathable Materials

These materials includes cotton or mesh. Most people will prefer soccer backpacks whose make is from breathable materials. Mesh backpack panel allows free air circulation. This ensures that you don’t feel sticky and warm as you wear your backpack.

It’s also advisable to go for soccer backpack whose pockets are breathable where you can keep your clothes after you are done with exercising.

Storage Area – also consider the bag’s storage area. If you prefer carrying out snacks with you along your football studs, go for a bag with extra pockets for snacks storage. It’s also advantageous if the bag has side mesh for water bottles storage.

Storage space is an important aspect to consider before you buy a bag since a bag without enough storage is as good as useless.

Price versus Quality

Another important feature to consider is price. Generally, expensive backpacks are made from high quality and durable materials. It’s possible to find affordable but high quality backpacks. However, some features may be compromised if you happen to be on a budget e.g. some cheap soccer backpacks will have a single pocket for your water bottles.