A Detailed Guide On How to Wash Your Light Wash Jeans

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Light wash jeans are a very famous item of clothing and a crucial part of many wardrobes. Jeans are versatile and comfortable and can be dressed in a wide variety of clothes and match well. Jeans can be worn casually with a t-shirt or shirt and jacket.

A majority of light wash jeans are primarily made of cotton, so they are long-lasting if taken good care of. Learning the fundamentals of how to wash your jeans will assist to keep them looking awesome and lasting for many years to come.

If you want to take care of your jeans, you have to consider and follow some rules. First of all, you need to realize that not all pairs of jeans will be washed in the same way.

Your aged, Levi’s pair of jeans won’t need similar care as the jeans you spent $250 to acquire. Raw denim will also require completely different care than the two.

Light Wash Jeans-Why and When to Wash Them

Probably you have ever heard somewhere that jeans shouldn’t be laundered at all. If you still hold to the belief that washing your pair of jeans will cause break down to your denim and cause color fading, then that’s okay.

You shouldn’t, however, ignore the buildup of dead skin, bodily oils, dirt, and other environmental grime which may cause damage to your pair of jeans. Also, laundering is not the only thing that causes color fading. Wearing jeans continuously has a similar effect. Washing your pair of jeans will cause minimum damage but may ensure that they last for a long time.

How frequently you clean your jeans is dependent on how much you have put them on, and what you have been doing in them.

If your pair of jeans smells, stretched, or visibly dirty, then your pants are due for laundry.The rule of thumb is to clean your jeans after wearing it for five to ten times.

What is The Best Way to Wash Your Light Wash Jeans?

While cleaning your pair of jeans won’t harm them, there’re some steps you should follow that are best for your pair of jeans.

Before you put your jeans in your laundering machine, turn them inside out. This preserves the color of the jeans and will wash the inside part, which is always the dirtiest part.

For a pair of jeans that are darker, ensure that you use a detergent that is specifically made for dark clothes. This will prevent the chances of fading.

If you are worried about what the machine will do to your jeans, hand-wash your denim. This will reduce wear and tear as a result of the much gentler experience.

How to hand wash your Light Wash Jeans like a pro

The best place to hand wash your pair of jeans is probably your utility sink or bathtub if available.

When hand-cleaning your pair of jeans use a tiny amount of detergent and cold to lukewarm water. Immerse the jeans fully in water, soak the jeans for around 15 to 30 minutes. After the dirt comes out, rinse your jeans.

The quickest way to rinse the tub or sink is to drain the tub, fill it with clean water, and repeat for several times until the water clears.

Once they are entirely rinsed, roll your pair of jeans up and firmly press on them.

Avoid wringing them out since this may cause twisting and breaking down of the fibers. Hang them or lay them down to air dry. Don’t use too much detergent. Doing so may cause product buildup which may result in odd smells.

Some people may think that using more softener or detergent may result in softer or cleaner fabric but this is not true. This may cause more harm than good to your jeans. If you are worried that you are using too much detergent or softener, you can fix this by doing one simple thing.

You may run your pair of jeans through the cleaning process with no detergent or softener but a small quantity of white vinegar. Vinegar functions as a natural fabric softener and eliminates the odors. In the future, be keen on the amount of the softener or detergent you use while cleaning.

How to wash your Jeans with a washing machine

1. Configure Your Washing Machine To The Delicate Or Gentle Cycle

To keep your pair of jeans looking great as when you bought them, wash the denim on the delicate cycle. This lowers the wear and tear on your pair of jeans, allowing the design and colors to stay intact.

  • Use an environment-friendly detergent when you cleaning your jeans. You should always avoid using detergents with bleach and bleach.
  • You should use a mild fabric softener in small amounts if you want your pair of jeans more softer.

2. Put cold water in your washing machine.

You should never wash your jeans in hot water. You can also use lukewarm water when cleaning your jeans. Hot water may cause color fading in jeans, particularly darker jeans and may also cause shrinking of the fabric.

3. Turn Your Pair Of Light Wash Jeans Inside Out

Washing your pair of jeans may be abrasive to fabrics. Light wash jeans may rub against one another and as they do so, the detergent, along with buttons, snaps, and zippers can be damaging to the fabric and color.

Read the label on your light wash jeans to see whether there are any jean washing tips that you may need to follow. Some light wash jeans should be cleaned alone during the first wash or cleaned very rarely. Ensure you follow the suggested care instructions.

4. Put your light wash jeans in the cleaning machine with only other clothing or jeans of similar colors.

If you wash your light wash jeans with other, lighter colored clothing or jeans, you may dye everything during your wash. To be on the safer side, wash all your light wash jeans separately.

5. Line dry your light wash jeans.

Avoid tumbling your light wash jeans in a dryer. Don’t over-dry your light wash jeans to prevent shrinkage.

If you need to dry your light wash jeans in a dryer for some time, tumble the jeans on a delicate cycle with lowered heat. Remove them while still damp and let them dry completely on a line or a rack.

Before placing your light wash jeans on the line, stretching the seams may help to avoid shrinkage.

Fold your light wash jeans once near the knee level and hang them on a rack or hanger to dry. If you over fold your jeans while they are drying can cause creases and wrinkles.

Freezing Light wash Jeans- Does it Really Help?

Another myth when dealing with jeans care is freezing jeans. Most people believe that freezing may remove the bacteria.The bad news is that this has been proven to be a blatant lie.

Keeping your light wash jeans in your freezer doesn’t clean them at all. If you opt to freeze your jeans they will be cold and odorless but dirty. Once the heat of your body warms the jeans, the bacteria will get reactivated and the smell will return.