Mens Jeans Style Guide

Jeans are an essential component of almost everyone’s wardrobe. That’s why there are so many different materials, embellishments, fits, and styles. Which jeans fit you best depends on your own tastes and body shape.

If you’re big and tall, you can check our guide on the best jeans for big and tall guys here. We have also discussed the major styles of jeans here below.

Mens Jeans Style

Mens Jeans Style

Loose Jeans

Loose jeans are baggy. Compared to the relaxed jeans, they are looser. If you need adequate room, these jeans gives it to your thighs, legs and butt.


  • These are extra roomy jeans. Their pockets can fit all wallet types without any fear that its fabric will get tighter on your legs.
  • If you are one guy who sweats easily, the fabrics of these jeans will not soak your sweat hence you will be comfortable.
  • They works well for any type of body.


  • They can easily fall if not properly fit around your waist.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans is the latest fit to be included in the family of jeans. Their fitting around the legs is tighter and their leg opening is tapered.

Generally, their selling is low and to middle sized guys. They also come along with a zipper fly.


  • They make you appear slimmer since they provide you with a slimmer silhouette.
  • They are comfortable if they are your right fit.
  • They can be paired with wide range of sweaters, shirts, hoodies and jackets.
  • They are popular hence easily found.


  • They are too uncomfortable if you have not won your right fit.
  • Skinny fits don’t provide flattering effect to the overweight guys.
  • With the skinny jeans, you can wear soft silk boxers and still be comfortable.

Slim Jeans

Slim fits are straight through your hip, slim through your thighs and narrow for the opening of your legs. They are neither too tight nor too loose.


  • They make various types of bodies appear thinner.
  • They makes you appear more modern and at the same time appears tailored and makes your lower limbs comfortable.


  • It’s not easy to find a comfortably fitting pair unlike other fits.

Regular Jeans

The regular jeans are mid-rise and have straight legs. They are straight from the knee to the hem. They also have a leg opening that is pretty large.

Regular jeans are also a perfect compromise between the jeans that are too loose and those that are too tight. Jeans are alike to beards. If you hate big beards, you will also not like loose or relaxed jeans. Then if you trim your beards, you will find a better fitting jean as well.

Regular jeans are average hence they will suit most men. You can also find them easily. They also fit a large variety of body types.


  • Regular jeans are neither flattering nor unflattering.

Relaxed Jeans

These are loose fitting from your waist to your leg’s opening. It’s however not tight around any of your body’s part.


  • They are not stiff
  • It’s in the middle of the loose and regular jeans.


  • They may be unflattering in the area of your seat.

Sometimes back, buying jeans was very easy. This is because there were limited options in the market. You were required to make a decision on your favorite color or cut. The limited options included big guys jeans, best overweight men jeans, muscular legs pants and the big guys fitted jeans.

Things have nowadays changed. You can find jeans of various cut, colors, finish and fit. However, with all these variations, finding the best jean as a first time buyer can be really challenging. You requires time in order to make the best fit and look choice.

Difference between Pants and Jeans

People use the word pants when they refer to every type of garment for your legs. Over many cultures, garments for the lower body are referred to as chinos, khakis, trousers, pantaloons and even jeans.

It’s very confusing on how these terms get interchanged.  When you mean denim, you probably talk of jeans. However, when the word pants gets into your mind, you think of various garments.

So, how different are they?


  • Jeans are regarded as the rugged and tough casual wears.
  • They are stylish garments appealing to young people.
  • They are practical hence a perfect choice for heavy duty workers.
  • They are extremely popular.
  • They are worn by women and men alike.
  • They are acceptable in almost every setting with exceptions of formal events or the office.


Pants, trousers and pantaloons are names for garments not made of denim. Traditionally, they were worn by men. They shouldn’t be confused with British undergarments term.

Pants vs Jeans

  • Jeans can be considered as pants type.
  • The make of pants is lighter material than that of jeans. Jeans are made from denim.
  • Pants are more formal while jeans are regarded as casual and rugged.
  • Pants are of various colors whereas jeans are some shade of blue.
  • Pants have two back and two side pockets whereas jeans have a design of basic five pocket.
  • Pants are worn for upscale events and the workplace whereas jeans are casually worn.