Types of Epilators for Hair Removal

Types of Epilators for Hair Removal

Epilation is the removal of unwanted hair from the root, more like waxing but a little different because waxing uses wax, while epilation doesn’t. A lot of people may cringe at the thought of epilating because they associate it with pain, but epilating in warm water decreases the intensity of pain.

In order to perform this process, you will need a tool called an epilator. Epilators will give you silky smooth skin for days, and because they remove hair from the root, it takes a while before the hair finally grows back. Just as is the case with re-growing hair for women, shaving or hair removal is part of good grooming.

However, some people do not like it because of the process.

If you are prone to razor cuts and bleeding as a result then you should make epilators your friend. They are gentle to the skin and only attack the unwanted hair, plucking them one by one from the root.

It is also cost-effective as you can just buy your own epilator and do the work from home, thus saving on those random hair removal appointments.

Types of Epilators to Remove Unwanted Hair

Hair Removal has been around for ages. Epilators are just the new innovation to make the process easier and less painful.

These devices come in different types and when doing a first purchase, begin by using it on your legs to test the comfort and sensation.

The greatest challenge however comes when you want to select the best epilator for you, as a first timer. Here are some types you can think about:

Cordless epilators

If convenience is a key factor for you when looking to buy an epilator, then the cordless ones will serve you right.

They are small in size making them portable too. This means you can throw one in your bag when traveling, and you will be at peace knowing you are sorted while you are away from home.

They are cordless because they use a set of batteries for operation so you don’t have to worry about a power source.

Corded epilators

Until recently, epilators were all corded – they had a power cord that had to be plugged into a socket for use. For this reason, you could not use your epilator in case of a power outage or if you are in an area without electricity.

Because their convenience relies on the availability of electricity, a lot of people may not like these corded hair removal gadgets. They are usually dry epilators, in the sense that, they are not water proof, and can therefore not be used with water or even lather of soap.

Waterproof epilators

The process of epilation is slightly painful and it is proven that water makes the entire process smooth and painless. Earlier epilators were not water proof, so users had to persevere the pain but with technology, manufacturers have been able to provide epilators that can be used with water or on a wet skin.

This is a relief, as grooming should not be a painful process after all. These gadgets also come with rechargeable batteries inside, so you only have to make sure it is fully charged before you immerse it in water.

Manual epilators

If the number one factor on your list when looking for a hair removal gadget is cost, then go for a manual epilator. It is cost effective and is a very simple version of the device.

They don’t need electricity or batteries to function; you get to do all the work. It has a spring at the handle that you have to twist as you press it on your skin. As you twist it, the epilator grabs and removes the unwanted hair.

Since they are manual, you may get tired easily so they are advisable to use on smaller areas like removal of facial hair.

Epilators for different hair types

The initial epilators were a one-for-all kind of gadget but over time, big brands are coming up with hair removal devices for different hair types and also for different body parts like legs, face and other intimate parts.

Braun and Phillips epilators for instance, have gadgets made especially for the type of hair; the fine and soft facial hairs, thicker and coarser hair on the legs and pubic area. The right epilator for you depends on the body part you want to work on.

Epilators are an effective hair removal gadget and just like waxing and tweezing, they pull hair from the root leaving you with a smoother skin and longer hair removal intervals.

This is because hair removed from the root takes a while before growing back unlike shaving; after a week of shaving, you will notice hair growing back. Epilation is a hair removal process that was ignored for a long time.

People only preferred shaving, waxing or using lasers. But epilation is slowly gaining popularity.